The Sky Corvair
  Updated: July 10, 2000

The Sky Corvair
Neil Sandler   bass, vocals
Bob Nanna   drums, vocals
Kevin J. Frank   guitar, vocals
Tim Kinsella   guitar, vocals

(not pictured) Alex J. Stisser   guitar from 3.95 to 5.95

Corvair photo The Sky Corvair
Essentialy began as a side-project while its members played in other Chicago area bands Braid, Cap'n Jazz and Gauge. The Sky Corvair played its first show in October 1994 and recorded nine songs in December 1994. Not long after, Tim left the band to more intensely pursue Cap'n Jazz.

It was then Alex assumed the role of guitar player until the band's untimely demise in May 1995. Having written and recorded an addtional three songs with Alex, Actionboy has released a twelve song discography of their work.

Each of the original members went on to play in the bands Braid, Joan of Arc and Traluma just to name a few. While Alex has moved to Massachusetts to begin a career as a glass blowing apprentice.

Recently, on January 17, 1998 The Sky Corvair played its first show in nearly three years at the Fireside Bowl. This show marked the release of their album. In addition, it gave newer fans a chance to see them while treating some older ones to a "blast from the past."

As for the future, each will continue to focus on their current endeavors. The occurence of more shows is unlikely though it remains undetermined.

Unsafe any speed...
The Sky Corvair
Unsafe at any speed... CD only - 12 Songs **
(Actionboy Records #16, January 1998)

Astaire / Ethyl / Swallow Water /
Congratulations, Im Late / Dinky Rope Dog /
Choking Tonic Soda / St. December /
Fifth Grade Tender / Iris is Aching for a Day /
Carpetbaggers / Peppermint Gas / Joy

** OUT OF PRINT. We DO NOT have ANY copies available. However, Divot Records plans to repress this CD before the end of this year.

  The Sky Corvair
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